Grupo Nicolás Correa Láser S.A.

Corporate Purpose

Grupo Nicolás Correa Láser S.A.,  is a private equity company, engaged as subcontractor in the provision of advanced industrial services related with laser technology, in particular, Laser Cladding, Hardening and Welding.


Our facilities have been meticulously designed in order to be able to attend the multiple and variable demand existing on the market. For such reason, we have several crane bridges of up to 10 Tm. of capacity, both for the movement of containers with small parts and for the movement of large indivisible parts.

Pabellón de la empresa GNCLáser

Our flexibility and the special benches with anchorage elements for parts make us able to work on small-sized parts, such as the hardening of the chafing strip of a 100x 15mm guide, or the 40 mm long welding seam in a valve or the retruing of a 10x20x1 mm fault in a mould.

Regarding maximum capacities, we have to highlight that we have a closed area of approximately 80 m2 with access gates of 2.75 metres, with an operating area of about 25 m2 of which approximately 15 m2 are used for laser operations. To cover this area we have a robot assembled on a linear access, as well as state-of-the-art laser equipment, which allows us to work on large-sized parts.

We also have other devices, all of which are automated, such as metal dust supply and dosage equipment for the execution of cladding and retruing processes, the temperature control system for the hardening process, the inert gas installation or the possibility to monitor the tuning of the welding joints, amongst others.

To carry out the welding of elements made up of several parts, we must first design for each case the positioning tools and the anchorage system that guarantees a perfect finishing for the welding joints, so that they will not need any latter grinding works.

Our system, unlike others, is an open system, which allows us to work with heavy and large parts, as well as the use special large-sized instruments.

In cooperation with other subcontractors companies, we can offer other operations that complement the welding process, being able to provide complete systems.

Apart from the abovementioned equipment and facilities, we also have a modern CAD-CAM system, which allows us to create and programme hardening or retruing paths, based on the solid diagram provided by the customer, therefore, increasing the quality and accuracy of the works.


Grua para subir las piezas
Pantalla del ordenador
Recinto seguro para la utilización del láser

All our facilities fulfil the regulations regarding the enclosure of the laser area for hazardous emissions of laser radiation, fire prevention, handling of hazardous materials, preventive maintenance, etc.